Cabs, also called taxis, provide public transportation to people in large cities. Cabs are an alternative to walking, taking the subway, hopping on a bus, or driving your own car. This form of public transport can accommodate a small group of people or a single passenger for a non-shared ride, taxi, yellow, fares, checker, shuttle, city, transportation, , local, minicab, minibus, or chauffer. You can hire a cab by flagging or hailing one down on the city streets, or by calling a cab company for a ride. Cabs charge standard rates which fluctuate with distance. Drivers for business transit call service are important for the business. Per-mile fees are in addition to tips. Sometimes you can do some negotiating with the driver but for the most part, the payment is set. You can hire a taxi, yellow, fares, checker, shuttle cab to get to airports, hotels, your home or place of work, or railway stations. While most cabs are standard, some cabs are luxury cabs, providing radios and phones for private use. Cabs and taxis are subject to vehicle regulations and must keep up to date on inspections and other safety measures. Whether you need a pickup or drop off, you can hire a cab for your needs. You can find cabs or taxis in your local phone book or by searching online directories for a service located near you.